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21 Secret Messages In Disney Movies Kids Won't Get

Secret messages in disney movies

Although, when we stop and think about it, this is the most depressing, tragic movie in the franchise, since the main character's mom passes away from being hunted. We certainly wouldn't put it past those sneaky Disney filmmakers! Prodding fun at the easily offended, they covered all bases. Potts and Chip from the Disney classic, they'd be complaining about having their heads rattled with Terk's spoons! Even though you didn't know it, Sito was a big part of your childhood. Just try to imagine what their mom thought when they heard their kid say this! It's easy to miss this for sure since it's not like you would expect the castle to look like a male appendage. It's so out of the movie's context. Some people seem to be totally convinced that those are the actual words Aladdin is saying under his breath, whereas others say that it's something more along the lines of "Good kitty. Plus, let's face it, it's a sweet, charming, and smart movie, so grown-ups loved it, too. Swapping heads, floating through space and enjoying themselves more than we see anywhere else in the picture, it was a scene that left everybody old enough to understand what was going on very confused. In fact, that's how restaurants close down and get bad reputations although the rats are just hanging out in the kitchen or dining areas and not usually actually making the food Some fans have pointed out that in this one scene from the film, one character is looking out the window and the stars spell out the word "smoke. We can't argue with this message, can we? Disney claims that the bulge, is actually just his knee sticking out. Secret messages in disney movies

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Secret messages in disney movies

Secret messages in disney movies

Secret messages in disney movies

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  1. Gardasho says:

    The filmmaker tried to get the band to voice the Vultures but was turned down.

  2. Nikonris says:

    According to the "Aladdin" director's commentary , the line is actually an ad-lib to extend the scene. It looks like this one was just never meant to be.

  3. Gardagor says:

    It's too much cuteness. But apparently, we can also look at it as two people figuring out how to not only fall in love with each other but also stay in love.

  4. Galar says:

    And, of course, it's not like we would be expecting to see this in this type of movie.

  5. Goltigor says:

    It's funny to think about the things that we totally missed when we were growing up.

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