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Enema and butt plug

Epsom salt enemas. Other dangers tend to come from the type of solution you choose to use. Massaging your stomach can also be a big help. Once the initial upwards part of your colon is filled, the mixture needs to move from the left hand side to the right hand side of your body. Due to the acidic nature of the stomach, using an enema containing baking soda can help neutralise some of the acid, rebalancing the natural pH of your stomach acid. Using water that is too cold may cause extra contractions making it harder to complete the enema. Using the natural force of gravity to aid you, the solution is squeezed through the tube and into your rectum. They can wash out all kinds of not so nice bacteria from your colon. When you void your bowels in the bathroom, most of it will exit the body but some smaller pieces might not quite make the trip. Depending on the thickness of the enema solution you use, you may have to raise or lower the bag to get the right amount of flow going. Enemas can do wonders for your health. Enema and butt plug

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Enema and butt plug

Enema and butt plug

Enema and butt plug

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    The water should be slightly above body temperature, around 98 to F.

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    Milk and molasses enemas.

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    For example, frequently using coffee based enemas can cause damage to the liver due to the other toxic chemicals found in the grain.

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