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How to sew on weave cap. How to make a wig.

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How to sew on weave cap

New shade of pink, purple, or blue. Note that the process takes time, so don't get discouraged if you feel it's going slowly. You fold over the extension, place it flat at that point where it folds and put two stitches there, and continue to sew until you finish sewing all of your cap. Before you pull on your wig with braids or without braids , you are advised to apply some hair mouse to the wig hair ends. It is a wonderful idea to braid your natural hair. Now you know how to make a braided wig and a regular wig cap weave. Ethically sourced human hair extensions are expensive, but the quality is reflective as well. Weaves, of course, are used for styling purposes. Pull the thread through until there is an equal amount on both sides, then you're simply going to take both pieces, wrap it around your finger to create a knot. First I will show you how to prepare your needle and thread. Net weave sew-in: Apply Mesh Weaving Cap Adding the weave-in cap will make the sewing process easier and will also relieve tension on your hair and scalp. A weave can help. The anchors are where you will stop your weave. Then next you're going to measure out your second piece of hair, that has to go around the base of your invisible part. Thread the special type for sewing hair Pins Beauty accessories hair care, hair pins or clips, foundation, etc. You can see in the GIF below that the anchor braids are right next to the braided hair you will be leaving out. How to sew on weave cap

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How to sew on weave cap

How to sew on weave cap

How to sew on weave cap

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    Next I will show you how to sew on your wig cap, and then finally I will show you in detail how to sew on your weave and closure. Continue sewing, so as you sew all the way around your perimeter braid you are going to end up at the beginning of your other perimeter braid. This is where you will make the closure piece.

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    Carefully complete each braid.

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    Thread your needles to about an arm's length to start each time.

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    Jodian says this had been her most requested tutorial for a while now, and she also had two other reasons to do a sew-in:

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    Its easier to blend the tracks and you don't really need a closure piece Cut bangs if you want. Here, you're creating the tracks for your weave. Nothing has to stick out of your beautiful weaving wig.

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