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Kenhorst pool. Explore by activity.

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Kenhorst pool

And the people seemed nice. But that was not the only problem. People in campground are all so nice. Higher rate for family. You have campers very close on 3 sides of you. We love it and plan to camp here for a very long time. But it was quiet and peaceful while we were there. We really didn't have any grass. There was a few 'cabins' that from the outside looked good. Internet was very spotty. They are aware of everything in their campground and they want to keep people happy. Bathrooms are clean. Clean Showers: They are not kept clean which makes the campground seem a little ratty. This is the nicest one I have ever seen. But I realize that adding for adult kids is normal. There was green algae growing on things--not all things but the propane tank and shed were the worst. Kenhorst pool

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Kenhorst pool

Kenhorst pool

Kenhorst pool

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    The smell was really bad all weekend. I have never seen owners cooking food and doing pedicure's for mothers day. And the people seemed nice.

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