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How to avoid being awkward. Rules of etiquette.

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8 Proven Ways to Stop Being Shy And Quiet

How to avoid being awkward

Their conversations are habitually like a rough wagon ride on a bumpy country road. They generally have few friends, if any, and a very small social circle. However, beyond the basic principles, everything else can only be learned through experience. When you act confident and social, you end up feeling confident. Listen carefully to catch and make the most of social cues Ask questions and be curious. We can't promise you'll never have another awkward encounter, but hopefully this advice will help you to enjoy, instead of dread, social interactions. Know that people are busy and almost everybody is bothered about their own struggles in life. When you feel anxious in social situations, try telling yourself, "It will be okay, just relax and calm down. When you make mental notes, it makes you carefully listen to the person you are talking to, and this reduces your chances of messing up or getting your social cues wrong. While talking to someone, if you feel anxious, nervous, tense, insecure inside, they will notice it. Make eye contact while talking. The key is to use focus on achieving this with determination, seek the best advice available and implement it. Note down your conversations in detail in your journal. Each individual is driven by emotions, How to Enjoy Life: How to avoid being awkward

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How to avoid being awkward

How to avoid being awkward

How to avoid being awkward

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