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Bump photo ideas. How to Save Photos from iPhone in 1 Minute or Less.

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Bump photo ideas

Several classic maternity poses Stennett recommends: Take A Milk Bath We love the artistic nature of this shot. And lastly, my favorite type of pregnancy photos are the side-by-side pregnancy comparisons for me, this was my first pregnancy compared to my second , and then the side-by-side before and after shots. Laugh and engage with the camera and your belly. Head To The Water There is nothing more calming than water, so if you are looking for beautiful relaxed maternity photos head to a lake or seaside to capture the serenity. For a fairytale maternity photo shoot, dress up as your favorite Disney character. Photograph your baby bump from different angles to show off those incredible curves. Printing your maternity pictures in grayscale can also lend an artistic air. A greenhouse is a great option if winter weather gets in the way of the outdoorsy shoot you envisioned. The tutu style skirt enhances the romantic atmosphere of the shoot and her son kissing her belly is just the icing on the cake. Sheree McArthur Photography 9. Our suggestion? Photographing your pregnant belly underwater. One caveat: But this amazing pic should be proof enough that inclement weather can actually lead to some pretty magical maternity photos. Bump photo ideas

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Bump photo ideas

Bump photo ideas

Bump photo ideas

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