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Purfect gurls

Ready to go? Travelling with your besties not only feels safe, but the experiences you share along the way will connect you for a lifetime. This is where Asia hits the spot. Whether you plan a one-to-one with your bestie or a crazy weekend with your squad, first decide who your travel companions will be. Chocolate brownie? All of these activities are run by local women. A few fluffy scones with your best friend or a decadent tiramisu with a glass of bubbly and gossip with your favourite group of girls? You can stay at a rickety bungalow on the beach or live the life at a five-star resort. The plethora of options — from wellness and adventure , to culture and shopping — makes it easy to combine various preferences and make the group happy. And, what better way to connect with women around the globe, than supporting them on your girls-only trip. From picking a destination and booking accommodation, to organising transport and planning activities, whipping up a creamy batter that will turn into a stunning cake not only takes skill, but also care, time management and patience. Before stepping into the kitchen, think about with whom you want to share your wondrous culinary creation? Purfect gurls

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Purfect gurls

Purfect gurls

Purfect gurls

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    In a way, going on a trip with your girls is like devouring a piece of cake. Almost as much as being on the road herself, the Austrian enjoys taking readers on a trip with words; creating stories that transport them to new destinations and inspire to discover different countries. Do you want to go on a hiking adventure or relax with a beach escape?

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