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Cancerian woman and sagittarius man. Share your comment or experience.

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Cancer & Sagittarius: Love Compatibility

Cancerian woman and sagittarius man

Be open and willing to explore your heart. We broke up and got back together about three or four times, due to the fact that he cheated, I forgave him but seem to fall deeper in love with him, he is 25 and I'm I don't even give them a chance anymore. But there is not a chance for us to have each other or spend time with each other. Sometimes I think "why am I torturing myself? The Cancer woman, however, never forgets. The Sagittarius man has to see that he does not be furious or aggressive when he feels the difference in their perceptions or when he does not agree with her. Someone will have to be in control, but the question is, who? Just six months before the wedding, my childhood crush SAG shows up. Well at least we Cancer women still love you guys no matter what. In love with a Sagittarius man, she gives him all the respect and superiority that he deserves but can be too possessive at times which can make him feel uneasy. Speaking of fighting Cancer women and Sag men seem to be fighting all the time but despite that we love each other. I'm so afraid that he's going to turn out to be some monster that I had no idea existed. Cancerian woman and sagittarius man

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Cancerian woman and sagittarius man

Cancerian woman and sagittarius man

Cancerian woman and sagittarius man

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  1. Dagal says:

    Although very rude and snotty they can be. I am born on 8th July and he is 1 dec

  2. Moogusar says:

    I don't suppose there are any girls that sexually exciting but without the mood swings are there? I feel like he's on my level and I don't have to explain things to him.

  3. Zulushura says:

    Being spontaneous will also help. We always discuss sexual things, but I'm also scared he might will get bored of that too.

  4. Zuzahn says:

    When she gets angry she will cry just hold her and listen. She sees lovemaking as a way to express emotions. I can be free around him, laugh around because he is really funny and oh my goodness not only is he intelligent but also sexy.

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