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Chola coins wikipedia. File history.

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Chola dynasty - Wikipedia audio article

Chola coins wikipedia

This word often forms an integral part of early Chola names like Nedunkilli , Nalankilli and so on, but almost drops out of use in later times. List of Chola Temples in Bangalore Vijayalaya was the founder of the Imperial Chola dynasty which was the beginning of one of the most splendid empires in Indian history. Towards the end of ninth century CE, the countries of southern India had developed extensive maritime and commercial activity. They were also shown to act as magistrates. King on prancing horse in military dress. This also applies to the copper issues Rajaraja Chola, which seems invariably be of the mainland type. Before the advent of Pallava coins to Ceylon and production of local derivative coinage on the island, the currency needs of Ceylon were met by small 4th century Roman bronzes that had arrived by trade and the not un-common local imitations of the Roman series. Cholas were eager to exploit this opportunity and sent several trade missions to China. The rest was used on public works such as the building of roads, tanks,on the army,and on the building of temples. His silver is not plentiful; the finest type is that with a "biga" two-horsed chariot on the obverse, and this type belongs to a square Hemi drachm, the only square aka silver coin known. Chola coins wikipedia

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Chola coins wikipedia

Chola coins wikipedia

Chola coins wikipedia

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