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The unsexy truth, the hookup culture - Lisa Bunnage - TEDxSFU

Hook up culture rape culture

And we can stand up for those who have had their choice taken away. That he did nothing wrong. If you have, please let me know, because I certainly have not. Psst psst we have a whole program that talks about this, check it out A person encountering hookup culture —whether participating directly or not— can be a person who creates change. At Catharsis Productions, we're not here to promote or discourage any kind of choice in sexual behavior. When I talk about being assaulted, I find people wanting to focus on the act. The media also portrays hookup culture as being equally satisfying for men and women. This needs to be changed. It is correct that the media has taken sides in rape cases, such as the case of Steubenville where various news sites showed sympathy towards the two teenage boys who raped an unconscious girl. I want to explain to them why I panic when dates get physical too early and how I react by clinging to that person in order to justify that sudden vulnerability and make it mean something. Hook up culture rape culture

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Hook up culture rape culture

Hook up culture rape culture

Hook up culture rape culture

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