Contrary to what a lot of people think, whey isn't just for people looking to pile on muscle after muscle non-stop. Granted, if perhaps, you have been working out steadily with a solid workout plan, and supporting it with an equally solid diet that is rich with the required amount of lean protein, vegetables and fruit rich in vitamins and fiber, and supporting it with carbs of good quality, and are still not seeing the rewards for all your work and effort, then adding whey protein to the mix should get you the results you so desire. However, even with that being the case, there are various other reasons why this protein should be added to your everyday routine. In this article, we will be taking a look at a few of those other cogent reasons why you should incorporate whey protein into your daily routine, which you might not be aware of.


A lot of people, in order to lose flab while working out, decide to reduce the number of calories they take in. Some researchers working in Minnesota carried out a study which lasted all of 12 weeks. During the study, the subjects who partook in it had the number of calories they took in, lowered by 500 calories. Afterwards, some of the subjects were put on some isocaloric mix brew while the others were put on whey protein. At the end of the study, it was discovered that the group who were put on whey protein, lost more body fat than the other group and furthermore, preserved muscles better as well. So, moving forward, whenever you get the urge to take a quick snack or two, make it a whey protein bar.


Some of us have been going super hard at the gym, steadily trying to grow strength yet it has been progressing slowly or at least, not as fast as we would like. Some researchers located at the Baylor University in Texas carried out an experiment. 19 men who were carrying out some resistance training which spanned 10 weeks were chosen. A couple of them were then given 14g of whey protein as well as casein protein, and also, 6g of free amino acids while the others were given a 20g placebo concoction.

The men who had been given whey showed a higher fat-free mass as well as muscle strength increase. In essence, it would be wise to take whey protein an hour before your exercises as well as an hour after they are completed.


We all know that sometimes, the temptation from hunger can be great and caving to our urges can be detrimental to our workout. With the help of Whey, you can reduce that hunger. Some researchers from Australia conducted an experiment involving twenty-eight obese men. The men were given 4 different drinks to consume. At the end of the day, the men who had taken the drink which had 50g of whey protein showed a reasonable decrease in their ghrelin (a hormone which is responsible for alerting the brain to hunger) levels even as long as four hours after. So instead of working out and succumbing to hunger afterward, just take a whey protein shake before the workout.

CANCER The issue of cancer is one a great number of people are familiar with. So many families in which it runs, have been ravaged by this terrible malady, but luckily, there are ways one can protect oneself against it.

The most obvious way is to go for frequent checkups generally and for the specific cancer type that may be hereditary. Whey protein has also been shown, by different studies and research, to protect against common types of cancer such as prostate cancer and colon cancer.

Stress is a part of daily life and different people react to and deal with it in different ways. Liquor is a popular way in which many people handle stress, but drop the bottle for a while and check this out.



In some studies and research carried out in the Netherlands, the researchers took 58 subjects who they then made to pass through stress for experimental purposes. In the end, they discovered that the people who took whey protein suffered from fewer signs of depression and also, their mood was generally better than that of those who did not consume whey protein. The conclusion was that it must have had something to do with serotonin levels being produced in the brain. In essence, you'd be much better off coping with stress by taking a protein shake than by taking alcohol.


The importance of a strong immune system cannot be overemphasized. Some researchers from the University of Alberta discovered that male subjects who had partaken in strenuous aerobic exercises showed a strong decrease in glutathione levels which could have an effect on things like the nervous system and the immune system. Moving forward, they observed that with the introduction of whey protein, the male subjects no longer showed such a strong decrease in levels of glutathione. For those of us who take part in strenuous aerobic exercises and would like to avoid this dramatic decrease in glutathione levels, support your workout with whey protein. Visit us today to get coupon codes for ascent protein.