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Cast of the new it movie. Production Notes from IMDbPro.

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Cast of the new it movie

His death at the hands of Pennywise sets the stage for the next summer's events. The eponymous creature in Muschietti's previous film, Mama , was also based on Modigliani's work. Since the movie version of It was first announced, the consensus has been that Jessica Chastain should play the older version of Beverly Marsh when it shifts forward in time. Her home life is also dismal, as she is being abused physically and sexually by her father. The anticipation of him is almost scarier than the actual Pennywise scares. When he came in—we had a lot of different actors read, and when he came in he had a different spin on the character that got us really excited. Muschietti has also confirmed that the young versions of the gang will be returning, so it made sense for him to cast adult actors who resembled the kids. Losers great and small Splash News The casting of the grown-up version of the seven Losers Club members was hotly anticipated. But we suppose he's also neglected at home, and he's the clown of the band because he needs attention. The stuttering leader of the Losers' Club searching for his missing brother Georgie. Cast of the new it movie

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Cast of the new it movie

Cast of the new it movie

Cast of the new it movie

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