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Lesbian forced anal sex

They should use their power and influence to more effectively oppose this practice and promote adherence to professional and ethical codes. Additionally, the panel described some of the negative consequences of the exams, including pain; trauma to the anus, anal canal, or rectum; humiliation; and shame [ 12 ]. In October of , the Tanzanian government forced the closure of internationally supported HIV testing and treatment centers designed to serve key populations, including sex workers and men who have sex with men MSM [ 1 ]. More recently, in Egypt, physicians have attempted to determine this through electromyography, sonography, and manometry of the anal sphincter, pelvic floor, and rectum, respectively [ 9 ]. Time to act These three countries and the movements within them offer hope and tangible examples for how citizens, healthcare professionals, and allied organizations can stand together. Bad science and false evidence The earliest recorded tests purported to detect homosexuality were described by a 19th century French forensic doctor who erroneously claimed that six criteria could be used to identify homosexuality on examination [ 9 ]. Due to the possibility of coercion, individual physicians may face challenges resisting requests to perform such procedures, although they are abusive, medically unindicated, and yield no helpful information. In the case of forced anal examination, a routine clinical practice is transformed into a direct punishment, conducted with the intent to harm members of the LGBT community. Individual providers asked to perform forced anal examinations should resist the practice whenever possible, even when they themselves are being coerced or intimidated to conduct these examinations. These organizations often have great influence on local governments and ministries of health and regularly set standards of practice. In these settings, forced anal examinations are usually performed by healthcare providers at the request of law enforcement officials, and are procedures entirely distinct from those used legitimately in clinical care. Ethical ramifications Central to the practice of medicine is the Hippocratic Oath, to first do no harm. Over the past seven years, forced anal examinations have reportedly occurred in at least nine countries, without clinical indication, to aid in the prosecution of alleged same-sex behavior between consenting adult men or transgender women [ 5 , 6 ]. The panel highlighted the fact that there are no standardized ways of determining anal tone with digital rectal examination, that there are high levels of normal variability within the population, and that numerous conditions may affect anal tone, independent of any practiced behaviors. In Kenya, the Kenyan Medical Association released a statement condemning any and all types of forced anal examination despite directives from law enforcement officials [ 19 ]. Lesbian forced anal sex

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Lesbian forced anal sex

Lesbian forced anal sex

Lesbian forced anal sex

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    In each country, activists, human rights workers, and healthcare providers have partnered together to initiate change. Recognizing this, the WMA passed a resolution denouncing forced anal examinations to substantiate same-sex activity and called for an immediate stop to medically useless exams that are outside accepted standards of practice [ 16 ].

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    A malicious procedure is employed without medical indication or forensic justification.

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    This controversial decision and the larger ongoing government crackdown on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT communities in Tanzania have garnered the attention of public health officials and international journalists, who have expressed concerns about their health ramifications and associated human rights violations [ 2 — 4 ]. We believe that the global medical community should actively support individuals targeted by forced anal examinations and partner with colleagues and professional organizations in countries that perform these exams to end their use.

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    Time to act These three countries and the movements within them offer hope and tangible examples for how citizens, healthcare professionals, and allied organizations can stand together. Normative agencies, including the World Health Organization, should condemn forced anal examination and call for its global ban, publicly declaring that these exams amount to torture and cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment.

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