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Prom Queens: Unusual Dress - Lifetime

Girli girl prom and pageant

This is definitely something to celebrate for! While he's far from unattractive, there's a huge contrast with how he looks when he's wearing his glasses and his bangs are down with when the glasses are off and his hair is combed back. Victorian Romance Emma: She really only wished to wear a sailor suit, but ends up wearing Audrey Hepburn's iconic Ascot dress from My Fair Lady. In Urusei Yatsura: To improve her social standing in high school she striaghtens up her appearance, to the point that she's now the School Idol. In the fourth volume Yun reveals she was pretty dorky when she was in school, complete with Opaque Nerd Glasses. She also dolls up when she and her partners spent the night in a Scottish castle, and later spends a whole chase scene in a dress. In Chapter 23, Kou is forced to wear dressier clothes and do her hair for an interview. It's a graphic novel that sets the fairy tale "Rapunzel" in the American Southwest and turns the title character into a hair-lassoing cowgirl. Girli girl prom and pageant

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Girli girl prom and pageant

Girli girl prom and pageant

Girli girl prom and pageant

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    Victorian Romance Emma: Taken to ludicrous extremes in Zombie Land Saga with the main characters who are all, you guessed it, zombies. Too bad the Big Bad was waiting for her with a bunch of goons anyway.

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    The dissonance between that look and how she looks in public appearances is enough for Ichigo to have to call her Hoi Yurie just to process it. Guts' priceless blank stare upon seeing her dressed this way is one of the series' very rare Funny Moments. The normally tomboyish and disheveled Katchoo is wearing a fancy evening dress and makeup.

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    Hitomi in Vision of Escaflowne.

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    Yoko Tsuno isn't afraid to dress up in a kimono once when she's invited to have dinner in a German castle, much to the surprise of everyone who sees her "A kimono!

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