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Sexual practices in west africa. Search form.

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Sexual practices in west africa

Bull Jumping, Ethiopia Among tribes in Ethiopia, there is a custom that young boys must undergo to prove their adulthood. Men in sub-Saharan Africa exercise institutionalized authority over women in numerous domains, but the authority that husbands enjoy over their wives may be the most extensive and most relevant to HIV-risk behaviors. Some of the interesting practices include cleansing corpses and using the water to prepare food for the whole community, receiving beating to impress women and others. However, some sexual practices within the continent are considered weirder but have their beneficial societal benefits. For each country, I estimate the proportion of men reporting that they had two or more sex partners in the past 12 months, overall and by the following sociodemographic background variables: HIV has more than doubled adult mortality rates and reversed decades of life-expectancy improvements in some areas Notkola et al. Observers familiar with the situation agree, however, that in the vast majority of cases, husbands continue to wield wide-ranging authority over their wives in sub-Saharan Africa Adepoju and Mbugua ; Dodoo and Frost The individual, family, and population impacts of HIV in this region are staggering. Although some commentators continue to debate whether it is poverty or wealth that fuels the spread of HIV in Africa Fenton ; Shelton et al. Although marriage may be the most extensive source of men's institutionalized authority over women, it is not the only source. This idea is mistaken. What proportion of men in sub-Saharan Africa have multiple sexual partnerships? Thus, prevailing wisdom suggests that in sub-Saharan Africa, men who hold positions of institutionalized authority over women or who exercise unilateral control over fungible financial resources may be at increased risk for acquiring and transmitting HIV infection through multiple sexual partnerships. Thanks for watching! Another factor that, according to prevailing wisdom, may facilitate men's multiple sexual partnerships in sub-Saharan Africa is their control of certain types of financial resources. Sexual practices in west africa

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Sexual practices in west africa

Sexual practices in west africa

Sexual practices in west africa

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