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Critical assembly movie trailer. #= data.dataItem.date #.

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Critical assembly movie trailer

Movie trailers were split into two stimuli sets; set A included eight of the fifteen trailers, and set B included the remaining seven. A 9-point calibration was executed before the experiment to ensure a correct mapping of the gaze data points and screen coordinates. Finally, neuroscience measures may provide second-by-second responses to video stimuli, yielding information processing details that are not available through conventional methods. As movie trailers are a type of video stimuli, neuroscience metrics obtained while people are observing movie trailers might provide an alternative framework for predicting the overall performance of a film. Video Stimuli A database of 15 movie trailers, split into two stimuli sets, were used in this study. In this context, neuronal measures might be thought of as providing the direct, raw and unfiltered impression of viewers to video stimuli. EEG, eye-tracking, neuro-cinematics, neuro-marketing, film test screening, pilot test screening Introduction Anticipating the behavior of large audiences to video stimuli, such as movies, movie trailers and TV series, is critical for the film industry. Movie trailers serve as a primary marketing tool to promote a movie, and often capture the core characteristic of the movie and motivate its storyline. These methods have been employed in a diverse set of applications, including investigating cross-culture Vecchiato et al. Various metrics which rely on eye-tracking measurements during video viewing have also been proposed as indicators of video content performance. EEG Measurements and Cognitive-Congruency Metric Similarly, we used the epoched EEG measurement collected for each movie-trailer from all participants to define an aggregate metric of Cognitive-congruency. All participants were recruited in Cyprus, were fluent in English and had self-reported normal or corrected-to-normal vision. The use, distribution or reproduction in other forums is permitted, provided the original author s or licensor are credited and that the original publication in this journal is cited, in accordance with accepted academic practice. Second, it is thought that neuroscience measurements have the potential to provide additional information that is not obtainable through conventional methods i. Critical assembly movie trailer

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Critical assembly movie trailer

Critical assembly movie trailer

Critical assembly movie trailer

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    Such methods typically rely on obtaining spatial or temporal projections of the raw or pre-processed EEG measures to isolate neuronal activity relevant to a task Dyrholm et al.

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    Subsequently, 50 Hz and Hz notch filters were applied to minimize the power-line noise interference, and all channels were then re-referenced to the average channel. Typically, these metrics rely on calculating a measure of consistency of eye-movements across different observers. The spectrotemporal coefficients were estimated for every half Hz between 1—80 Hz and resulted in a temporal resolution of 8 Hz.

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    Moreover, some methods have been proposed to extract informative metrics from neuronal activity captured in EEG measures. First, the noise variance of neuroscience metrics is thought to be smaller 1 than data obtained through traditional measures Boksem and Smidts, A fundamental problem with such methods is that there is no direct known mapping between the eye-position and its perceptual consequences, and more importantly, none of these metrics has been shown to carry predictive information of the population-wide audience preferences Dorr et al.

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    The minimum, median and maximum ages of the participants were 19, 22 and 24, respectively. A 9-point calibration was executed before the experiment to ensure a correct mapping of the gaze data points and screen coordinates.

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    These methods have been employed in a diverse set of applications, including investigating cross-culture Vecchiato et al.

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