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Cute spanish nicknames to call my girlfriend. Editor’s Pick.

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10 Love Phrases In Spanish - Spanish Lessons

Cute spanish nicknames to call my girlfriend

It means my love. A cute Spanish name to call your girlfriend. Gordo o Gordito: When you see a nickname with one word, it is a unisex Spanish nickname. It is okay if they are close friends with you. Regalito— If you think she is the divine gift for you! Do you know any cute Spanish pet name we left out? Sapo sahpoh — this nickname means toad, and it used to call someone ugly. Osito ohseetoh — this is an adorable nickname which means little bear. Cabra salvaje kabrah sahlbahjeh — for someone who is wild and independent. Lengua larga: Also better suited for women but can be used by a female lover to her gorgeous husband. Diva diva — used to refer to people who consider themselves better than others for no reason and expect everybody to give them whatever they ask for. The word means the brain and can be used to refer to guys who are serious and thoughtful. Pia— Apple of your eye! Cute spanish nicknames to call my girlfriend

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Cute spanish nicknames to call my girlfriend

Cute spanish nicknames to call my girlfriend

Cute spanish nicknames to call my girlfriend

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  1. Nijind says:

    The meaning of this nicknames is rather obvious. That tiger is always hungry! Borderline Insulting Names

  2. Kagakree says:

    Cari karee — a diminutive form of care in Spanish, and it can be applied to anyone for whom you feel that emotion. Pecosita pehkoseetah — this nickname is used for a person who has lots of freckles. They are seldom used in the language.

  3. Voshakar says:

    Mi Tonia— It means the one who is invaluable to you! Cuatro Ojos— If she wears glasses, then you must pick this one. Paloma— It means dove or pigeon.

  4. Melkis says:

    Carota karotah — for someone who takes things for granted and disrespectfully takes advantage of situations. Mami is Spanish slang for baby, sexy, There are other variations like Mamacita and Mamita.

  5. Tusho says:

    It can be downright offensive or just sassy—depending on who is saying it, how they are saying it and their level of affection for the girl being referred to.

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