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Gifts for your big sister sorority. Top Navigation.

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Big/Little Reveal Gift Ideas: What I'm Giving My Littles!

Gifts for your big sister sorority

The best big little basket idea is DIY a college survival kit. Cozy Blanket We all know how chilly it can get in the dorm rooms. However, it can get quite pricey finding cute decor to fill up your bland walls. Greek Gear's selection of big sister gifts are made to be customized with your sorority's letters, symbols and colors, perfect to play off your best sister's unique style. Especially since your new little will be moving four times a year! Check out our blog for more great posts like this one! Colorful sorority t-shirts will be a comfortable and cute option for your little to throw on before her 8 AM lecture. Greek Gear has all the best big sis gifts for your sorority mentor, so browse through our selection to get some ideas. Then get a plain t-shirt either for an infant or a large doll and paint your Greek letters on it! No set of sorority sister gifts would be complete without picture frames, paperweights or note cards. You know what the hardest things to overcome were. Our Top. Fleece jackets can also be a good option to keep her warm and stylish as she walks across campus this fall and winter. Give her a cute place to store her badge along with any other small sorority memorabilia. Lettered apparel, including T-shirts, hoodies, hats, polos and tank tops will have your best sister feeling spoiled. Picture Frame Your little will make tons of unforgettable friends and amazing memories throughout her college years. No related posts. Gifts for your big sister sorority

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Gifts for your big sister sorority

Gifts for your big sister sorority

Gifts for your big sister sorority

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    If you're already the best of friends, get your big one of Greek Gear's matching big little gifts, like custom iPhone cases or a two-piece heart charm.

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    She deserves it, after all the things she's done for you. No related posts.

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