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What Mormon Missionaries Talk About Before You Answer The Door VOL. 1

Mormon girls say

She is committed now to helping to contribute to these difficult conversations among her fellow Mormons. The "Utah Names" video, which was posted in November, has done well itself, already receiving more than , views. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. According to a three-page letter read it in its entirety here addressed to Carol, church leaders confronted her father, and he denied it. For ages 12 through 18, it makes sense to provide an option for a parent or other adult to be in the room. It was ; Carol was 29 years old by then, and her father had since remarried and moved to another state. Instead, she focused on her own healing, and she says her Mormon community has been instrumental in that. We come from this same society, and we love all the quirks about it. I had no training and no direction. Among them: Do not arouse those emotions in your own body. Within the year, the duo followed up with a second video, this time calling out the many Utah parents who have chosen to make up names for their children or use extremely unusual spellings. Although Evans and Calder met while studying musical theater at the University of Michigan and currently live in New York, the videos intentionally give the impression that they are coming out of BYU, or some other Utah-based community. Mormon girls say

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Mormon girls say

Mormon girls say

Mormon girls say

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    Evans is currently finishing up her degree and Wilson, who just graduated this year, is living in New York.

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    Some LDS leaders routinely ask both boys and girls about it in every interview.

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    But Wilson and Evans say they're all very, very real. This time, it will be a sequel to "Utah Names," highlighting boy names like Xoren and Tyker, where the first video focused on girls.

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    Many of his congregants had heard about the evils of masturbation from their home wards, from missionary companions, from family members. She is committed now to helping to contribute to these difficult conversations among her fellow Mormons.

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