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Things in the members' area stay the same, and it's really simple. The gay porn world was suddenly overrun by these things, you know: There's an excellent selection of asses and dicks and nuts and butts to check out, when you get a flash of them in the movies. The streams were at x in size and looked fine. You won't find a search engine or tags, either. Each of the videos was stream only in a choice of three resolutions, from HD down to a mobile format one, and in Mp4; apart from one recent one that also had a download option. Here's what I found: Having access to some goodies would be nice, as a new scene only gets two or three times a month at most. You can't track your favorites, comment on the scenes or rate them. The guys are 18 to 24, I would say, usually fit and muscular, or jocks and slim, there are some very cute guys and some 'average' looking 'normal' guys, which is also a good thing to see makes it all more realistic. Fraternity X lets you live out your homoerotic hazing fantasies. They can feel scripted at times, but some make you feel like a fly on the wall in the wildest frat house in America. There is a link to a Cam site up-sell, a small About page and your Logout button, that's it. You are looking at streaming movies here, of around 20 minutes each, and a few sample shots per scene to show you what goes on. Watch out for it as these are scenes worth saving. I'd say it was my favourite college guy, amateur hardcore site because it is so damn real and natural. Fraternityx

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