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Taurus girl and libra boy. The Positives.

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Taurus girl and libra boy

I am a male Libra 30yrs old in love with a female Taurus 25yrs. The Libra has a very quick intellect and they can also be very emotionally perceptive. As both the Taurus woman and Libra man are wild about physical expressions of love and are always ready to show each other how much they feel for the other, their physical intimacy is very strong. I am now seeing the potential in our relationship, and seeing that we are inseparable. Im still not over it! The only thing I can say positive is they are very respectful to their waiters. I often feel the need for more affection. These two will almost feel as though they were made for each other, because their characters are so complementary. The first couple years were very tough for us due to family differences and finance. He always called me first and contacted me first. Taurus girl and libra boy

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Taurus girl and libra boy

Taurus girl and libra boy

Taurus girl and libra boy

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  1. Vudozshura says:

    Our sex life also was incredible.

  2. Samuktilar says:

    We dated a couple of years back, decided it wasn't our time, and just recently ran into each other again, and picked up right where we left off.

  3. Dura says:

    I'm sorry to share this but unfortunately the Libra male will begin to show his true colors probably in the 6 or 7th mo. We have been married for 10 years now. So I do the same to him.

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