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Naked money talks. Not yet a member?.

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Naked money talks

I have an alternative proposal: However, White House officials disagreed about what constituted a tolerable level of deficit spending in the long term. The deficit spectre has loomed over every major debate. It is a vast and stately room on the second floor of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. The most contentious issue has been health care. He has always been interested in the intersection of economics and politics, rather than in economics as a purely academic or ideological pursuit. At the Congressional Budget Office, Orszag hired specialists in health-care economics and turned the institution into a clearinghouse of information about rising health-care costs. But Orszag, a mid-level economist in the late Clinton Administration when Summers was Deputy Treasury Secretary, was someone who could keep up with him in policy expertise, and who proved to be a subtle and persistent political player. Orszag insisted that this idea would have to be sacrificed to the demands of congressional budget rules and fiscal conservatives who want the revenue from the expiring tax cuts to pay for deficit reduction. If spending more on health care has no correlation with making people healthier, then there must be enormous savings that a smart government, by determining precisely which medical procedures are worth financing and which are not, could wring out of the system. Naked money talks

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Naked money talks

Naked money talks

Naked money talks

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    At the Congressional Budget Office, Orszag hired specialists in health-care economics and turned the institution into a clearinghouse of information about rising health-care costs. For instance, Obama had asked for seven hundred and fifty billion dollars more for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, which funds the bank bailouts.

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    Summers sat next to the President, which, according to White House protocol, meant that he was attending the meeting in his role as head of the N. At the White House, the intellectual debates of conceiving and writing the budget had given way to the realities of campaigning for it. He craned his neck as if searching for hawks in a redwood.

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    At Princeton, he wrote his senior thesis on the relationship between the Federal Reserve and Congress. Like the one with the skis and the gun. His exchange with Stewart was the first time I saw him at a loss.

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    Stewart looked at Orszag with an astonished grin.

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    A senior White House official talked of an N. His basic message was:

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