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what is the tantric experiance? מהי החוויה הטנטרית?

Naked tantric sex

These massage movies go to a whole new level. She had no idea she could have multiple orgasms, much less with such short intervals! The final ritual before we end the weekend involves partnering up with someone of the opposite sex, and by now I am feeling far less repressed than I did 48 hours earlier. I join in self-consciously, shaking myself up like a bottle of Orangina. Turns out quite a few of the people here have previously completed this workshop, and have come back for more. A man with a microphone — the facilitator — is guiding everyone to shake up their energy. Finally, the weekend is drawing to a close. This is Kundalini shaking, he explains. So it works. Then something touches my lips — peach, pineapple, date, dark chocolate, one after another, slowly, as the Angels go around the room feeding us sweetness. Everyone has had a genuinely wonderful time. Naked tantric sex

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Naked tantric sex

Naked tantric sex

Naked tantric sex

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