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Baby bump photo ideas. Watch this free video to....

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Maternity Photo Shoot of Sulekha & Vineet

Baby bump photo ideas

Having these tips in mind during a maternity session will help you to stay focused on the belly and couple all while allowing for variety and experimentation. When she looks at her belly, have her poke her neck out towards the camera and actually look at her feet. Keeping the arms away from the body and bent can add shape and lines to the contour of the body as well as not make the arm seem fuller than it really is in real life. To create an image with old-world elegance, they chose black and white photos. Almost like the mum has super powers, which of course we know all mums do! One is of Kirsty pregnant and the other of her with her baby on her belly. This usually causes many of those natural in-between expressions that make for great photos showcasing exactly who your clients are during this moment in their lives. Have her look at you, at her partner, down her shoulder, at her belly. Tight to the body dresses or shirts work well because they can highlight the bump more during the maternity session. Instead, try to have them bring a sign with the name rather than individual letters or place the letters to the side and photograph them next to the belly or the couple. You might also be interested in reading about our Pregnancy Smoothies. Stand in profile for the best views. Photograph your baby bump from different angles to show off those incredible curves. Baby bump photo ideas

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Baby bump photo ideas

Baby bump photo ideas

Baby bump photo ideas

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    Many who know the gender of their baby, or have chosen names, will want to include that into the maternity session. Head To The Water There is nothing more calming than water, so if you are looking for beautiful relaxed maternity photos head to a lake or seaside to capture the serenity. If the couple wants to photograph their bump with letters or names, try and get creative on where to place the letters.

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    We started off filling my tub with warm water and when it was around a quarter full; we began adding the powdered milk and cornstarch mixture. Try and always find the most flattering angle and light so that they can embrace this beautiful phase of pregnancy.

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