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Body paint models tumblr. Craig Tracy – Master of Body Paint Techniques.

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Body paint models tumblr

You can learn more about me at meta-luv. It featured six well-known artists, with a task to leave their comfort zones and compete in body painting for the first time. Crag Tracy — Reflected part 2 — Image via Craigtracy. With the piece Reflected, Tracy proved his mastery. Is your vision altered somehow? Do you agree? Freystupid — Meanwhile Aborigenes — Image via Pintereset. Among the Aborigines, body art holds a different meaning and could be seen in distinct forms depending on the region. Body Art World of Art If you want to explore more about the body art history and its illuminative impact on the contemporary art scene, this book is a must-read for you. With a lot of labor and a lot of love included, along with a lot of planning, strategy-making, body-positioning, role-modelling, and, of course, inevitable surgeon alike precision. Body paint models tumblr

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Body paint models tumblr

Body paint models tumblr

Body paint models tumblr

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  1. Zulkilkree says:

    Welcome to the optical illusion delusions made by the masterful artists of the body paint.

  2. Mekus says:

    What is the first image that comes to your mind when you think about body art painting? Related tumblrs: Camouflaged models are maybe the most difficult ones to paint, but those surely are some of the most interesting ones to watch.

  3. Tygomuro says:

    A whole category hides within black and white artistic images of duo-chromatic, or even monochromatic body paintings. Now look back one more time. The book also reflects on tattoos, masquerade, and performance installations as different forms of body art.

  4. Daijora says:

    Not only did he specified in one form of the body art, but he is more than successful in several ones.

  5. Zulkizragore says:

    All of the above? Not everyone can do it, trust us on this one.

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