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Saline adult education. Primary Contact.

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Saline adult education

Teeth that are not held in place by a retainer long enough for new supporting bone to develop around them can drift back to their original positions, and that's certainly not something you want to see happen. Secondly, periodontal gum disease is more prevalent in adults than in children. Periodontal health plays a key role in all of this; if the gum tissues are not healthy during orthodontics, bone loss can result and weaken the long-term prognosis of your teeth. Types of Orthodontic Appliances All orthodontic appliances work essentially the same way: Read more about Oral Surgery. Monitoring your child's dental growth and development, and preventing and intercepting dental diseases along the way, is the primary focus of pediatric dentistry. Lingual Braces — These metal braces are bonded to the back of your teeth tongue side so that no one can see them. They are hardly visible, except for the thin wire running through, but they are more susceptible to breakage than metal braces. Yet this figure represents only a small portion of adults who could actually benefit from orthodontic treatment So any gum disease must be brought under control before orthodontic treatment begins. Pediatric Dentistry It's never too early to get your child started on the path toward a lifetime of good oral health, and there are many services to do exactly that. And many adults realize that investing in a smile makeover can have significant benefits, socially and professionally. Types of orthodontic appliances include: Good oral health means a mouth that's free of disease; a bite that functions well enough for you to eat without pain and get ample nutrition; and a smile that lets you express your happiest emotions with confidence. Healthy teeth can be moved at any age, so there's no such thing as being too old for braces. But how we apply these forces can vary, as numerous innovations have become available in recent years. Read more about Implant Dentistry. Saline adult education

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Saline adult education

Saline adult education

Saline adult education

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    There are more and more adult orthodontic patients these days, and it's not hard to figure out why.

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    And many adults realize that investing in a smile makeover can have significant benefits, socially and professionally.

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