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'Ask 60': Lara Logan on Being Under Attack

Lara logan attack footage

Each paper quoted anonymous sources saying that Logan had not, in fact, been raped, with the key information coming from a single unnamed source described by the Journal as "a person familiar with the matter. A group of about 40 men set upon Logan and her crew of six colleagues, separating her from her friends, stripping her naked and repeatedly penetrating her with their hands. Loading "All of those little things, layer by layer restore you and put you back together," Logan said. From the front, from the back, and I didn't know if I could hold on to him. Women being able to talk about what really happens out there — in this case, the rape of a smart, hard-hitting war reporter also famous for her looks and guts, because that's how many female journalists make it to the top — is another step toward equality. The "assault" tag may have been minimizing and underplaying what had happened. In , foreign correspondent Judith Matloff wrote the following for the Columbia Journalism Review: Logan said. Based on her no-holds-barred interview on "60 Minutes" last night , Logan's attack was even worse than we could have imagined. A terrible crime was reported as a more minor one, due to the ambiguity of "sexual assault. She reported the mob ripping at her limbs, trying to tear off pieces of her scalp and raping her countless times with their hands, both in the back and the front. Logan said, she did not know about the levels of harassment and abuse that women in Egypt and other countries regularly experienced. That's partly why Logan's gutsy decision to tell the truth is now so interesting: Lara logan attack footage

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Lara logan attack footage

Lara logan attack footage

Lara logan attack footage

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    The South African-born, US-based journalist, who is a mother to two children, aged one and two, said the mob became even more vicious when someone yelled that Logan was from Israel and was Jewish.

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    Loyola Law School Los Angeles professor Laurie Levenson , an expert in the language of crime, told us at the time that the adjectives "brutal" and "sustained" implied "It was not one individual who took a shot at her; it was repeated contact, probably by several people.

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    The flashes of their cell phone cameras. It needs telling, and she's just the one for the job.

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