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How to get a hot tub in sims 4. Customers who bought this item also bought.

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WooHoo In The Hot Tub - Zalfie Sims 4 #10

How to get a hot tub in sims 4

Complete the Hot Tub Dreams Quest, there are 9 parts to complete: Hot Tub Upgrades When you placed your Hot Tub, there are a few new upgrades available when you are leveling up your Handiness skill. To start the event, tap the hot tub icon in the top right corner of your screen. These events work the same way as any other event. Before that I got the same thing 3 times, a swimsuit so the second and third time it was converted to the smallest amount of ducky bucks ever! Like with regular career events, occasionally you'll have the option to watch an ad for additional rewards. The final way to earn ducky bucks is through completing two events. Dream of hot tubs- 5 seconds select the blue option on a bed 2. You can even set the light to a different color! Both events take place in Market Square. O The same is not true of curved fountains, though. The first two parts are simple and quick to finish. The bottom of the screen will also have a breakdown of what you need to do to progress in the event. Check out your dreamy new swimsuit- 5 seconds select blue option on a mirror 6. They're used mainly to add height to buildings below the roof, without adding an extra story. Side note: How to get a hot tub in sims 4

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How to get a hot tub in sims 4

How to get a hot tub in sims 4

How to get a hot tub in sims 4

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