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Crime and Punishment


He loved wars and valour, and went by the pseudonym General Ramon Torres. And there is to me nothing more sickening than parents who tell their children to work hard and be industrious when they themselves spend endless hours watching senseless TV dramas and game shows. Teachers have enough power and authority to handle such a problem. It may serve the teaching profession well to equip teachers with knowledge of psychology and parenting skills. If they are not good parents to their own children, how can they become parents to a class of 50 impressionable children? For really serious disciplinary problems, you could be expelled or even be sent to the dreaded Henry Gurney School in Malacca. We were young and love was easy. Before carrying out the punishment, Westwood whispered to Mohamad that he had to carry out his duty. Properly tackled, it may turn out to be a passing phase where groups of boys and girls get together to do things they watch on television. Those days parents did not attack or sue teachers for disciplining their children. They can be a useful wake-up call. Corpun

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