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Mating means in hindi. Meanings of mating in Hindi.

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Learn English Word Meaning in Hindi for Kids -- English slight words with hindi meaning --

Mating means in hindi

Polygyny is also associated with greater environmental variability in the form of variability of rainfall. Mating and sexual reproduction are widespread among extant eukaryotes. This is consistent with the theory that if women raise the children alone, men can concentrate on the mating effort. Based on a phylogenetic analysis, Dacks and Roger [27] proposed that facultative sex was present in the common ancestor of all eukaryotes. DNA can also be transferred from one bacterium to another by the process of transduction , which is mediated by an infecting virus bacteriophage. When a cell is mixedly infected by two genetically marked viruses, recombinant virus progeny are often observed indicating that mating interaction had occurred at the DNA level. In many polyandrous systems, the males and the female stay together to rear the young. Recombination rates exceeded those of uninduced cultures by up to three orders of magnitude. One female has an exclusive relationship with two or more males. In polygynandry, each of the males may assist one female; if all adults help rear all the young, the system is more usually called " communal breeding ". This is associated with multi-male, multi-female group compositions. This shows that human sexual behavior is unusually flexible since, in most animal species, one mating system dominates. Mating means in hindi

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Mating means in hindi

Mating means in hindi

Mating means in hindi

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