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Eva Mendes Nip Slip on Live TV

News anchor thong slip

To add insult to getting memed, Exelby was only a weekend anchor, and her producers had apparently undergone surgical procedures to remove their senses of humor. And I'm gonna throw a kettle ball swing in with it, so you're gonna fire up the entire posterior chain. He was fired. But problematically, the words Pieper did not mince were super-offensive and broadcast live, as a casual conversation with a field reporter took a hard left turn into bashing those on public assistance, which a forgetful sound man made sure everybody heard. Perrie's dress may be this season's hot colour but she may regret not wearing a coat as from behind everything was on show. Of course, this is exactly what happened — and unfortunately for Haines, her flub wasn't the problem. Okay great. Unbelievably, this has happened more than once. We've got the black, we've got the Asian, we've got the woman. To her credit, Collins quickly corrected herself she meant to say "success," of course and carried on with the spot as though embarrassment wasn't exploding across every fiber of her being with the force of a supernova. Eyebrow height, bang, right there. Farewell, foulmouth As the late local news broadcast wound down on KSN in Wichita, Kansas, anchor Justin Kraemer signed off with a version of the same spiel that pretty much every late night news anchor uses. But those who read and report our news have ridiculously little margin for error, and the public nature of their bloopers can not only result in millions of viral views, but can sometimes earn them a pink slip. For a night on on the Little Mix lash, the dashing blonde completely stole the show from bandmate Leigh-Anne Pinnock who was celebrating her 22nd birthday. News anchor thong slip

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News anchor thong slip

News anchor thong slip

News anchor thong slip

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