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The movie three sex scene. Kelly Brook sex scene from Three.

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10 Hottest Movie Sex Scenes YouTube

The movie three sex scene

There's nothing remotely subtle about Moore squeezing her clay into a phallic column, while Swayze wraps his biceps around her to get good and dirty too, but that's why it stands up as one of the steamiest moments of the s. That this leads to no change in the boys' lives — in fact it's pretty much the end of their friendship — only adds to the poignancy. Naomi Watts and Laura Elena Harring are femme-fatale beautiful, and their blossoming love, leading to a soft and sensual physical connection in the aftermath of a gruesome discovery, is a gorgeous moment of clarity in an otherwise mind-bending plot. From Knightley's initial come-on, to the first lightning-bolt kiss, to satin slipping from bodies, the whole thing is so infused with unbridled lust, it makes the consequences it unleashes all the more tragic. It still crackles with sexual energy today. Blue Valentine was perfection in its raw honesty, from the blissful early days of a relationship to its disintegration and upsettingly messy end, but the moment that stands out is when Ryan Gosling goes down on Michelle Williams. It's sex as play and food as sex, but while they make rolling around in a vat of honey look erotic as hell, you wouldn't want to be the one to clean it up. Y Tu Mama Tambien Gael Garcia Bernal's Julio and Diego Luna's Tenoch are two cocky teens who think they know all there is to know about love and sex, until they go on a road trip with the older, wiser Luisa — who has a big secret. Hollywood thrives on it. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Ghost Parodied so regularly over the last 27 years, it's easy to forget how dang sexy it was in the first place — Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze were surely directly responsible for a spike in the sales of pottery wheels. The movie three sex scene

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The movie three sex scene

The movie three sex scene

The movie three sex scene

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