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Avon lipstick for dark skin. How To Find The Most Flattering Lipstick For Your Skin Tone.

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Avon lipstick for dark skin

Chocolate Brown: This colour is a little shimmery, creamy and contains a fruity scent. This Avon shade is rich in vitamin E and comes in a pretty pack. The real colour of the lip shade is mauve pink. You can wear bronze during the day and can also use it as an evening shade. This lipstick is priced at Rs. Avon Simply Pretty Lipstick: However, it is still fun to stick to red, the party color, for nights. Adding glitter to taupe sets up the party stage for dark skinned women. But like all other skin types, dark skinned people too need the perfect touch up to bring forth their real beauty. This lip colour is priced at Rs. Bourjois Lipstick Shades The Avon lip colours are a must buy especially if you are a college goer. However, many other colors too can work with dark skin. You can explore all the shades of this color ranging from lightest to darkest. This hot colour gives you a fruity scent when applied on the lips. Avon lipstick for dark skin

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Avon lipstick for dark skin

Avon lipstick for dark skin

Avon lipstick for dark skin

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