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Jigjiga today. 'Absolute control'.

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Falanqeyn: Muxuu yahay loollanka siyaasadeed ee ka jira Jigjiga?

Jigjiga today

Fana Broadcasting Corporation said on Thursday the grave was found during an investigation into atrocities allegedly carried out by a paramilitary force known as the "Liyu Police" that were seen as loyal to Abdi Mohammed Omer, the former president of the Somali region. The government recently accused regional officials of carrying out human rights abuses. He is now in detention facing trial for alleged human rights violations. Ismail blamed the deaths on federal forces and said the violence was sparked by public anger over "the illegal entry of the dangerously armed troops" into the city. Awol said the unofficial militia "were directly accountable and loyal to him Abdi long before he became president - after he became president, he had absolute control. Awol noted, however, that the appointment of Mustafa Omer, a human rights campaigner who lived in exile, as acting president of the Somali region was a step in the right direction. Meanwhile, state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporation has reported that the Ethiopian army has been ordered to enter the Somali regional state to "restore order. According to Fana, police were granted 14 days to unearth and do forensic examinations on the bodies. Al Jazeera and news agencies. Since taking power in April, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has overseen a number of reforms and pursued a reconciliation strategy, steering the state away from a hardline security policy in place for decades. Fighting broke out Friday after an apparent rift between local authorities and the central Ethiopian government. Abdi Mohamoud Omar stepped down from his post Monday, according to two senior regional officials, including Khadar Abdi Ismail, an ally of Omar. Adbi was forced to resign on August 6 and was later arrested after fighting broke out in the provincial capital, Jigjiga, and surrounding towns. Regional officials said on Sunday 29 people were killed during Saturday's violence in Jigjiga. Jigjiga today

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Jigjiga today

Jigjiga today

Jigjiga today

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