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Bakuriani wikipedia

I expressly accept to receive the newsletter, and agree to itinari privacy policy. It is still the favorite place of professional sportsmen and people who just love skiing and other winter sports. There is also a nice park in the center of Bakuriani that is a real heaven for the kids. You can sit in front of the fireplace, get a cup of Georgian wine and share the best moments with your friends and family. Just make sure that you book your hotel or apartment in advance to have a comfortable stay. During the camp: Zero effort. You will see many beautiful coniferous forests here, that become even more charming in snowy winters. It is the most popular winter destination in Georgia. Snowy mountains, breathtaking nature and lots of fun await you there. Despite the fact that it is really difficult to find suitable accommodation at this time, and sometimes there is a big queue for skiing, all guests still love to spend time there, as Bakuriani looks like a magical place, with lots of snow and fun. Bakuriani wikipedia

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Bakuriani wikipedia

Bakuriani wikipedia

Bakuriani wikipedia

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