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Fighting fair in a relationship. Here are 13 Rules for Fighting Fair in Marriage.

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Fighting Fair: How to Fight Fair & Deal With Anger in Relationships if "All We Do Is Fight"

Fighting fair in a relationship

Knowing what the fight is truly about helps us avoid dividing the relationship by getting lost in fighting about the details of a situation and instead offers an opportunity to come together in support of a resolution. Find a neutral spot. The more you are able to empathise with your partner the more you will develop understanding and intimacy. Is that right? Your palms get sweaty. Consequently, you forfeit the ability to recruit them to help with a solution. All couples fight, but those who fight fair are the ones who tend to stick together. If you do, your partner will value you as well. Crying is a valid response to how we feel. Seek to grow in self-awareness. Don't perform for approval. Fighting fair in a relationship

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Fighting fair in a relationship

Fighting fair in a relationship

Fighting fair in a relationship

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