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Do you need a ring to propose. Become an Engagement101 VIP.

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Do you need a ring to propose

Sure, your declaration of love and request for a lifetime commitment should be more important than whether or not you're bearing jewelry, but you have to understand that to many, an engagement won't seem percent legit unless she's got an engagement ring to show for it. Make up any excuse to avoid an express line engagement. A unique venue: Be sappy. How do you make a romantic proposal without a ring? Run a hot bath with her favourite essential oils or a naughty bath bomb, sprinkle some rose petals on top, light a few candles and simply invite her to have a relaxing soak when she comes home from a hard day at work. Do not try to explain why the ring is missing. I'll take the three-month honeymoon. Although it's traditional, it's not necessary. If a couple is concerned about finances, this should be discussed before planning an engagement or wedding. You can go any route from buying a cheap alternate, a true promise ring not to be confused with an engagement ring , or a Ring-Pop not joking. Budget constraints and financial concerns are among the most common reasons that many get engaged without a ring. Engagement Ring Alternatives The most awkward part of proposing without an engagement ring is deciding what to do instead. Propose in a beyond-simple way. As it turns out, her now-husband hadn't seriously considered marriage until about a week before he popped the question, and since he knew his then-girlfriend didn't wear much jewelry, he thought she'd be happier without an engagement ring. If he has purchased a ring, then I know he is serious. This is the relaxed approach — if you want to get a little more adventurous and really make your girl work for the big proposal, send her on a treasure hunt! Do you need a ring to propose

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Do you need a ring to propose

Do you need a ring to propose

Do you need a ring to propose

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